Essay on Old and Young Frankenstein

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Old and Young Frankenstein

Something that interested me greatly about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was the treatment that the

creature received from Frankenstein and the other people around him. I often wonder how things

would have turned out had he been treated with a little bit of humanism and compassion, especially

by his creator. What if Frankenstein had taken the responsibility as the creature's parent and

created him with a little humanism and kindness? Would the creature have vowed such revenge

and killed everyone Victor cared about? I'm going to use the film Young Frankenstein from 1974

to show what happened when the creature, created this time by Victor's grandson, Frederick,

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For the

sake of the comparison anyway, we will assume that the Victor of the novel is comparable to

Frederick of the film.

Like the 1931 film version of Frankenstein, this version makes use of the assistant Igor, who, for

comic effect, has a hunchback that keeps switching sides. There is Inga, the beautiful blonde

assistant, who also works with Frederick, and is there for humor. Lots of thunder, lightening and

darkness are used to make the atmosphere scary and teeming with danger, much as the 1931 film.

There is great focus on the laboratory scene of creating the monster, as most films tend to do; as

we well know, none of that was contained in Mary Shelley's version. Shelley hadn't the scientific

knowledge to plan such a thing, and also wanted to keep with a focus on the social and humanist

aspects of the creature's construction and development.

Frederick's first night in the castle, he discovers his grandfather's laboratory and his notes for how

he made the creature; this book of notes is humorously titled "How I did it" by Victor

Frankenstein. Here's how Mel Brooks described Frederick (played by Gene Wilder): "Gene

Wilder is playing it straight, but little by little his essential madness begins to peep through" (Alpert

53). This Frankenstein is also seized by the madness to
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