Old vs Young - Tragedy

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The older generation of people in the play can be contrasted with the two young lovers. The lovers portray themselves as rash and impulsive who are filled deeply with emotions. Their elders, on the other hand, have experienced more in life and are probably wiser, thus they see things from a different angle. This leads to the elders not understanding the feelings of Romeo and Juliet, hence causing conflicts, misunderstandings and pain to arise. The older generation in this play refer to Romeo and Juliet's parents, the Nurse and Friar Lawrence. <br> <br>I do agree that the older generation did play a major role in their children's destiny through their foolishness and good intentions, but not all blame is credited to them because Romeo and…show more content…
The Friar urges him to 'be patient, for the world is broad and wide' and reprimands him for his 'rude unthankfulness', instead to see it as mercy from the Prince. Romeo laments his pitiful state in an artificial and ridiculous manner. Friar Lawrence preaches of philosophy that it would 'comfort thee'. Although what he says to console Romeo is wise, the age gap between the older and younger generation is felt 'thou canst not speak of that thou dost not feel'. <br> <br>The Nurse comes to the cell and asks Romeo to 'stand an you be a man for Juliet's sake'. Both the Nurse and the Friar at this point of time are concerned for the couple's well-being and want to help them. Romeo is depressed and takes a dagger to stab himself. The Friar then engages in a long 'sermon-like' speech. He chides Romeo for being 'womanish' and like an 'ill-beseeming beast' that he is putting himself to shame. He advises Romeo to be grateful that he was not sentenced to death and tells him to go to Juliet and comfort her after which, leave for Mantua and wait for the situation to get better. Throughout the play, Romeo and Juliet have matured into strong individuals who are firm in their love for each other. Presently, Romeo's banishment is a huge disaster to them and they need the support and guidance of the older generation which is provided by the Friar and the Nurse. <br> <br>Meanwhile, Capulet arranges with Paris for his daughter's marriage in the hope that this would help
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