Olde Mill Farm Research Paper

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Bill and Tim Allman. From the Olde Mill Farm to you. These are the words I have grown up seeing on the side of glass milk bottles displayed in my house. My legacy, four generations of farmers, have taught me the value the farming and hard work. For a long time, a dream of mine has been to learn how to manage a dairy herd and become a voice in the dairy industry. I would also like to add a number to the very few female herdsman who exist in today’s workforce.
One of my favorite things about agriculture is that every single person in the world relies on it for food. However, many people have false notions about the work farmers do and the treatment of animals. I would like to promote positive attitudes toward the industry. Through my experience showing heifers at a New York county fair,
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I have been around and worked on a farm since before I could walk. I value the hands on experience and education that is possible at the PSU dairy and its proximity to campus. Also important to me are the many extracurricular opportunities that PSU offers, even outside my major. I look forward to experiencing things that I would not have gotten to if I stayed in my small home town. Juggling a heavy school load, sports, and two jobs has trained me how to multitask and complete everything I need to to the best of my ability. I hope to participate in clubs and organizations that interest me while attending Penn State, like Block and Bridle, Dairy Club, Greek Life, and Christian organizations, and doing a lot in high school has prepared me to be able to balance these things. Finally, I also am excited to take advantage of PSU’s network of internships. This was stressed at the Penn State Ag Open House I attended this October, and it caught my attention. Interning around the state and even the country could broaden my skill set and allow me to bring new ideas to wherever I
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