Older Adult Interview Paper

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Interview with an Older Adult More people are living much longer lives than in years past. People are very surprised to be living much longer lives than they thought they would. Health care has played a large part in patient longevity. There are many normal changes that come along with aging, however, because people are living longer these normal changes can become chronic problems. Common aging problems that can make the older adult a vulnerable population are reviewed in Gerontological Nursing (Tabloski, 2014) and can include nutritional needs, medication management, sleep changes, oral or mouth care, renal problems and musculoskeletal concerns. According to A Profile of Older Americans: 2013 (, there are a large amount…show more content…
I will be using the patient initials (MK), throughout this paper when I reference her. I asked the patient a list of questions about her life and I will summarize the answers for you now. MK is an alert and oriented 84 year-old female who is happily married and lives with her husband of 56 years. MK is retired and worked as a high school secretary for 20 years in the town she lived in. She grew up in Pennsylvania with her parents and was the oldest of five children. Her family medical history includes cardiac disease and diabetes with all of her brothers and sisters still alive. MK has three of her own children who all live with in a 30 minute drive from her home and they speak frequently on the phone with her and her husband. MK and her husband are going on a vacation together this summer to South Carolina with her son and his family. MK still hosts holidays and family gatherings at her home with only a couple holidays hosted by her son at his home. MK and her husband receive social security and her husband’s pension as their income. They have Medicare and also a supplemental insurance through AARP. MK enjoys her exercise class, reading, her card club, traveling and is also very active in her church including being on the bereavement committee. MK still drives her own car around town to visit friends and shop but prefers not to drive at night
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