Older Adult: The Notebook and Fried Green Tomatoes Film Analysis

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Older Adult: Film Analysis
The Notebook The beginning of The Notebook opens with the gentleman, Noah in a nursing home facility. We soon learn that he is living at the facility to be close to his wife, Allie who has Alzheimer’s. Allie is introduced to Noah, and he offers to read her a story. They are in the sunroom at the nursing home, and unbeknownst to her he begins to read her a love story. Due to Allie’s disease she is unaware that the story she is listening to is her own read by her true love. Noah begins to share about the summer romance that began one night in the 1940’s at a carnival. We see Allie and Noah fall madly in love only to be torn apart by her parents that do not believe he is worthy of their daughter because of his
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She begins to eat healthier, and exercise which make her feel better about herself. For example, Evelyn looses a parking spot to some young girls in a convertible. When they mention that they are younger and faster Evelyn rams their car. In horror the girls come running back yelling with Evelyn letting them know that she is older, and has better insurance. When Evelyn returns to the nursing home one afternoon she finds that Ninny is not in her room and has left for Whistlestop. Evelyn frantically goes to find Ninny because she doesn’t know that Whistlestop is now just a ghost town. At the end of the movie we see a more confident Evelyn who takes Ninny home to live with her and her husband.
One of the concepts that intrigued me about The Notebook was use of reminiscing to help remind Alzheimer’s patients about their life and accomplishments. Noah in the movie uses this as way to stay connected with Allie through the story of their love. Even when Noah’s children try to persuade him to move back home he is steadfast that his home is with Allie. We see when he finishes the story that Allie has a few moments of clarity and becomes aware of her surroundings. She even asks how long they have, and Noah shares that the last time they only had a few minutes. Even though it is only a few minutes you can see the satisfaction they have with just those few moments. As healthcare providers caring for Alzheimer’s patients it is important to have familiar items, and

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