Older Adults And Health Promotion

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Older Adults and Health Promotion Americans are living longer lives and enjoying the benefits of a new age by keeping themselves fit with increased physical activity and an optimistic approach to life. This paper will detail how older adults use the benefits of physical activity to live a longer healthier life. The paper will discuss health literacy considerations for older adults and describe any special issues relevant to their patient population. Finally, the paper will describe and provide a clear plan and strategy for communicating and organizing appropriate, relevant, and compelling content for older Americans. Many older Americans embrace the aging process by being pragmatic, understanding physical limitations, enjoying current…show more content…
Understanding how to incorporate diet plans and exercise into a daily routine for older adults is an important factor for healthcare professionals to consider. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health Services states,” Problems with health literacy affect millions of Americans, including older adults. More than 77 million U.S. adults have basic or below basic health literacy skills.1 For the growing population of older Americans aged 65 years or older—expected to reach more than 71 million by 2030 and difficulties with health literacy can complicate already challenging health problems (Quick Guide to Health Literacy and Older Adults N.D.). Older adults also tend to have deteriorations in their vision and hearing, which can negatively affect their ability to learn what is being taught. Older adults may have communications issues and concerns with language that is being used in today’s environment. Lastly, many older adults become content with their lifestyle and feel no need to change. There are also special issues for older adults, such as communication and physical constraints that need to be looked at ensure they understand the content. Many older adults are uncomfortable using computers and handheld devices, so dissemination of information in a format applicable to the patient should be considered. The article “Exercise for the Elderly” speaks about issues common to older people such
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