Older Adults Patient Education Issues Essay and Interview

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Older Adults Patient Education Issues Essay and Interview
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There are many issues that arise when teaching older patients. These barriers include; chronic illness, sensory changes, cognitive changes, medications and third party teaching. A patients life experiences can also affect patient education. It is up to the clinician to make adjustments to best suit each individuals needs and provide the best outcome possible. I conducted an interview with Mr. Bonds, a 79-year-old war veteran, and his daughter. Mr. Bonds was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer 2 weeks prior and was at the hospital to have a Super Dimension bronchoscopy for fiducial marker placement.

After starting the bronchoscopy, the physician discovered Mr. Bond’s
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This triggered many questions from him because he could recall the information. I could tell his anxiety had decreased, too. Once, the physician was in the procedure room, he also asked the patient if he had any questions. I brought up a few questions/concerns the patient had mentioned in our conversation that I thought needed to be readdressed and the physician was able to comment on those as well.

Many older adults have a third party involved in their care. Many confide in these individuals and depend on them. When the physician saw a change of plans in the procedure, he left the room and went to consult Mr. Bonds’ daughter. He explained his findings, showed her pictures, and discussed the patient’s options. Once, an understanding was made, he proceeded with the procedure. After the procedure was complete, he went back to the daughter and discussed the patient’s current condition and new treatment plan. Due to Mr. Bonds being on the vent, the decisions were left up to his daughter. I went to place paper work in the patients chart and saw the daughter at bedside. I poked my head in, asked how she was and if she needed anything. I also asked if she had any questions regarding her father’s care or what the physician discussed with her. She had come up with a few questions like; how long will he be on the vent,
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