Older Adults as Seen by the Media and by Society as a Whole

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Old adults as seen by the media and by society as a whole There has always been much controversy regarding older adults and behaviors that should be considered typical to people in this age group. The masses often tend to discriminate older adults as a result of information they see in the media world. It is thus difficult to reach a conclusion about older adults and what should be considered normal for a person belonging to this community. Most people believe older adults to be much less capable to look after themselves and generally in need of special care. Similarly, a great deal of older adults believe that it would only be natural for them to step down from their position once they reach a certain age, as society pressures them to take on such attitudes even if they feel that they still have power to go on. Letting it all go, this is one of the most important concepts that society tends to promote when considering older adults and the attitudes they need to take once they reach a certain age. Many old people consider their age to be a barrier making it uncomfortable for other individuals to appreciate them for who they really are. Sally Greengross' article "Happy endings" emphasizes the fact that many older adults have problems looking after themselves. However, the writer considers that this is not always due to the fact that they are disabled by a series of problems they experience with their bodies and minds. Instead, she believes that it is also because of the
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