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Patricia Moore 1260239100 HLTEN515B Older Clients Assessment 2 Aged Care 2 P/T November group L 26 April 2013 HLTEN515B Assessment 2 – Short Answer Questions Student Name Student Number Date Instructions: Please answer the following questions in a new Word doc and upload to my.TAFE on completion. There is no word limit on each question, however please ensure you answer the question thoroughly and reference where you sourced your information from. You may be asked to resubmit specific questions if you do not answer them in enough detail. Please ensure you refer to the APA Referencing Guide located in your Study Utilities on my.TAFE. Each answer must contain APA style in-text referencing. Your…show more content…
Low care residences provide the level of support that you need or require to continue to live as independently as possible. Low care includes accommodation, meals, laundry and 24 hour on-call staff support. (Australian Government department of health & ageing ,2011b) d) Is "respite" offered in either type of care? Yes Respite care is for individuals who still live at home with a carer Services can be either in the client's home, in their community, at Blue Care Centre-based respite facilities or in our residential aged care facilities. Cottage overnight emergency accommodation is available in some areas. In-home respite focuses on lifestyle activities, assistance with light household duties, personal care, shopping and meal preparation, as well as support in social activities. Through centre-based respite, clients attend day programs that may include excursions, outdoor or indoor activities or holiday programs. Trained respite workers undertake client assessments. Needs-based programs are then developed with clients and their carers to enhance quality of life and provide opportunities for community contact. They also coordinate carer support groups to provide an opportunity for carers to meet other carers, and to offer social support and encouragement for those who are requiring encouragement. Respite care is provided for various reasons, including: post
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