Older Volunteers Were Motivated Differently Than Younger Volunteers

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McAdams showed that older volunteers were motivated differently than younger volunteers. The younger volunteers were motivated by more careers experienced to learn and the older volunteers were motivated by “giving back” (McAdams, D. P. 2001). Sampling and Method. Initial contact with Restorative Resources was made to the Director, who gave permission to conduct the study, and the Volunteer Coordinator, who provided the information needed about the volunteer program. After human subject’s clearance, the researcher requested names of volunteers who had been through a volunteer training and who had been consistently involved in volunteering for one or more years. The subjects to interview were chosen from the list of current volunteers provided by the coordinator. Volunteers were asked whether they would be willing to be interviewed for a study being conducted by a student from Sonoma State. Interested volunteers emailed the researcher, who subsequently contacted them to arrange an interview. All those who initially replied were interviewed. Because all of the initial interviewees were white adults in their late 40s or older, I then made efforts were made to obtain possible interviews with ethnic minorities and in the end was able to interview two Latinos. Altogether ten volunteers were interviewed. The actual interviews started in September 2014 and ended in mid-October 2014. I asked a series of open-ended questions (see Appendix) in interviews that lasted between 10-20

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