Older Workers In The Workplace. Does Aging Reduce The Work

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Older Workers in the Workplace
Does aging reduce the work effectiveness of older workers? In this fast-growing economy, many people believe that older workers should stop working at a certain age because younger workers will keep up with rapid economic development better. Lois Lowry describes this discrimination in The Giver when citizens get older, they give up their jobs, and are treated as children instead of knowledgeable individuals to maintain the sameness in the community. Similarly, because of ageism, modern society falsely limits the opportunities of the group of older workers. The misunderstood perception in the present can be against themselves in the future because most people, who are lucky to live long, will join the group of
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Indeed, older workers have plenty of experience with the clear understanding in organizations. Therefore, they have the capacities to make good decision quickly and less mistakes. Refer to the book of Lois Lowry, people in the community always ask the Giver for advice since he has the memories that is consider as wisdom (130). Similarly, that critical thinking and wisdom have gained through the years in jobs lets older workers delivery top quality as well as helps companies avoid the repetition of mistakes. In tough marketplaces, it is important to realize that older workers are the source that bring profits to companies because after working for a long time, they have built good relationships as powerful strings to connect loyal and potential customers with companies. Under those circumstances, older workers ' productivity is much more or at least on par with younger workers.
Besides productivity, some employers are concerned about older worker 's loyalties because younger workers are supposed to have a longer path with companies in the future. Of course their concern is reasonable because workers ' loyalies decides the turnover rate that is involved in hiring and training costs, but the Sloan Center on Aging and Work reports that older workers get "high marks for loyalty" (Dan). Most younger workers are on the stage of applying their skills and knowledge in order to earn experience and to figure out what will be their best careers. The desire of discovering
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