Oldest Clock, 1300's: Inventions Of The Renaissance

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Section 1 Inventions of the renaissance Oldest clock, 1300’s Portable pocket watch, Peter Henlein in 1505 Printing press, mid-1400’s, Johann Gutenberg, 1st books printed was the Bible Eyeglasses, invented 1300’s, books printed made the idea of glasses made because some people couldn’t see Adding Machine, Blaise Pascal, first calculator invented High Renaissance Leonardo, only painted 17 paintings, he diverted rivers to prevent flooding, his nickname is the renaissance man Michelangelo, apprentice as a sculptor, he worked on St. Peters Dome, world's greatest sculptor Raphael, quick learner and hard worker, borrowed techniques from other greater artists, died at 37, Madonna of the Meadow, he refined stuff, he used vivid colors Section…show more content…
It is about the stories they talked during the camp fires Section 3 Protestant Reformation Causes was 100 years of war and Black Death, scientific advances against the Church, and corruptions in the Church Prior to reformation all Christian was all Roman Catholic Martin Luther, lived in Germany, his Father wanted him to be a lawyer, and one day Martin was near a tree and lighting hit a tree and he became a monk, he became troubled over the possibility of not going to Heaven and he turned to the Bible, Romans 1:17, he realized only faith and not what you did to get to Heaven, Luther’s 95 Theses (95 things he didn’t like about the Church): power of pope, extreme wealth of the Church (some money came from relics and stuff), and indulgences (way of getting to Heaven according to Catholic), Purgatory for people who didn’t do right things and working off someone else's Sin, he posted his beliefs all over the Church Luther on Trial, The Diet of Worms, 1520: Pope Leo X ordered him to give up his beliefs and he burned the thing he sent to Luther, he got kicked out of Church, he translated the New Testament into German, Pope Leo X was a Medici, all Luther’s books, notes, and everything was burned because they didn’t want people to remember
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