Oligopolistic Companies and How They Compete

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According to Sloman & Garratt, oligopoly is only few large firms share a large portion of industry and control the market. When we hear that a term about “Big three”, “Big four” or “Big five” it can be set down as oligopolistic industry. In the oligopoly market competition, depends on the firms produce homogeneous or differentiated products and it will be categorize as homogeneous oligopoly or differentiated oligopoly. As Mcconell & Brue, 2008 stated because of the small number of firms, oligopolistic have worthy of consideration command over the prices and they have to think about their competitors conceivable reaction to their product`s price, product`s quality, advertising outlays and so on. The few large firms are interdependent but they have to always be awake of competitor`s action to maintain their firm can stand strong in the industries. Oligopolistic have a strong barriers of entry for the new competitors, which alike and dedicative by the pure monopoly. According to Jackson, Mclver & Wilson stated oligopolistic industries have a large economies of scale have to be consider for the new competitors because they must have a large amount of capital to invest heavy on the technology in the beginning, and this is the prevention of new competitors can easily enter to the industry. Furthermore, there are many industries are counted as oligopolistic for instance mining, steel, soft drinks, airlines,…
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