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Olive Garden Project Marketing Plan: Phase I During week two, Learning Team B will take a thorough look at the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant chain. Team B has decided that a new appetizer item should be added to the restaurant menu. The appetizer item being considered is cheese filled breadsticks served with Marinara sauce. The team will begin this marketing plan by giving an overview of the Olive Garden Restaurant, along with a detailed description of the new menu item being considered. They will also explain why marketing plays an important role in the restaurants success. A SWOTT analysis will be given to introduce all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends that should be considered prior to…show more content…
If customers have tried breadsticks from these companies and did not like them, then they may think the same of the stuffed breadsticks from Olive Garden. It is important to market the stuffed breadstick differently than the low cost breadsticks from the other restaurants. SWOTT Analysis One useful aid that Team B can use to identify “relevant screening criteria and for zeroing in on a feasible strategy is SWOT analysis.” SWOT analysis identifies and lists the strengths and weaknesses and its opportunities and threats (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2009). Here are the strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats for the new breadsticks for Olive Garden. Two important strengths for Olive Garden is that it is a well know Italian food restaurant and they are known for their breadsticks. For Olive Garden to add a new line of breadsticks with cheese will be a nice addition. There are many people who will enjoy the cheese filled breadsticks served with the marinara sauce on the side. This gives Olive Garden customers a choice on what type they would like before their dinner, if not both. One weakness that needs to be considered for adding this appetizer menu item would be the fact that Olive Garden is known for their already plain breadsticks and some people do not like change. With this being said, the bread sticks may not do well because the majority of people don’t want to try the new bread

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