Olive Garden: SQM Overview

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What is the organization of which you are the CEO--Superintendent of a school district? CEO of a hospital? Plant Manager? University president? CEO of Wal-Mart, Costco, or Dollar Tree? Etc.? Olive Garden is a U.S. based mid-range chain. Olive garden operates in more than 750 locations globally specializing in Italian-American cuisine. Olive Garden is part of the Darden Restaurant Group, which also includes Red Lobster and the LongHorn Steakhouse group. Consensus of Leadership Team to Implement SQM 2011-2012 Management Conference breakout groups vocalized several issues that should be addressed through a SQM initiative. Executive Management completely on board with SQM and has agreed to provide the resources necessary to research, design and implement new plan. Of course, with almost 1,000 front line managers, some will be more open to the idea than others, but putting Regional Management in charge of ensuring compliance, the company directive should be followed. Assessment of Culture (Conducive to SQM? Changes Needed?) The culture of the company is based on the idea of establishing a collegial and comfortable environment. Our slogan is "When you're here, you're family," and we try to incorporate that attitude in each restaurant location. We realize that our organization exists because of the customer, and without returning customers, we cannot be successful. Therefore, we try to make employees happy so that they, in turn, can make customers happy. We integrate

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