Olive Garden Serving Process

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Executive Summary Olive Garden is committed to providing every guest with a genuine Italian dining experience and make the guest feel like they are family; in Italian it is called Hospitaliano! In an effort to have competitive advantage over other chain restaurants, Olive Garden emphasizes comprehensive employee trainings in order to provide their customers the best service possible. But even though employees have gone through training, there are some issues that would need to be fixed in order to have 100% customer satisfaction. The issues we have identified for Olive Garden Restaurants are the hostess system, reservations, running of the food, and inputting the order. The hostess system will be implemented by working with the IT…show more content…
The third issue was the process of the servers running the food. Since they are shorthanded on servers, the scheduled servers help each other out by delivering each other’s food which in turn takes away time away from their own guests. Lastly, inputting the order creates a problem because most servers are not properly trained or have forgotten the flow of inputting orders, some servers put the order in right away and guests receive their food while they are still enjoying the appetizers or the soup/salad; while others wait too long to put in the order for a steak dinner which takes longer to cook than a simple pasta or meatballs which makes the guest be upset because they are not enjoying the food the way they should. Overall, if Olive Garden were to improve these four issues, the restaurant would run a lot smoother and guests will be happier and return more often to enjoy their dinner. In every restaurant’s serving process, there is always room to improve efficiency and service quality for customers. We have created a process flow chart, a check sheet, and a service blue print for Olive Garden’s customer service. These tools help us identify problems and indicate possible improvements to better serve customers. Below are our proposals for improvements in four identified areas. According to our service blue print, the first problem with the serving process is Olive
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