Oliver Brown Questions And Answers

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Question 1: Oliver, how did you feel when you began work at the workhouse and later on for Mr. Sowerberry? Were the other boys treating you equally?
Answer 1: At the workhouse, nobody treated me with respect, it might have been because of my backstory. I feel like I was very unlucky and nobody respected me. My good heart and spirit kept me alive in this time of isolation and misery.

Question 2: Why did you become so shocked when Charley and Jack picked a strangers pocket? What did you think of Fagin’s response when the kids did not bring any loot back?
Answer 2: My life morals were set in me from the beginning, I witnessed cruelty towards myself at the workhouse, but I never saw these actions being done to someone else. Fagin is very self-centered
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My intentions were to impress Mr. Brownlow, but the fear of being kidnapped were overwhelming to the point where I forgot about the consequences. Later on, I figured out what would happen when I left.

Question 8: What was your impression of Fagin when he attempted to make friends with you?
Answer 8: Although I kept in mind all the stuff he did before, his kindness towards me and the other boys made me feel like part of a family. Eventually though, I figured out that he was trying to persuade me to join his gang.

Question 9: Why did you insist not to steal during the house robbery? Multiple times through the story, your innocence blinds you from what is happening, what is your opinion on that?
Answer 9: Although I knew that no immediate consequences would be given to me if I complied with Sikes and Crackit, my morals denied my thoughts and I tried everything to prevent it. When Crackit held out his hand and I took it, I then realized what was going on at the moment. Most of the time this seems to be when I rely on my faith in others too much, my set morals stopped me
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