Oliver Cromwell: Unsung Hero for Britain

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Throughout it’s long and storied history, Britain has seen many skilled rulers come and go. King William the Conquerer led the Norman conquests in 1066, and also helped to make England more defensible by improving infrastructure and raising a formal British army for the first time. Queen Elizabeth I, the “Virgin Queen” famously defended her country from the mighty Spanish armada with her small, yet agile navy, and reigned over a golden era of scientific progress and art. King Henry VIII sought to promote a progressive parliamentary government by increasing representation in both Houses of parliament, and Queen Victoria took a floundering Britain, dealing with mounting demand for constitutional shift and a general dislike of government procedure, and reformed it into a nation where the monarchy ruled for the people, and took a back seat in many cases to the authority of parliament, effectively reforming the role of the monarchy for the contemporary age. However, not every great English ruler has had the title of a monarch. In fact, one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest English ruler of all time was never given the title of King or Queen. Instead, he was given the title of Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, and his name was Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell, despite his villainous reputation, served to benefit England by wiping away the last remnants of the feudal social structure in English society, bringing the tyrannical king Charles I to his rightful

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