Oliver Stone's JFK

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Oliver Stone's JFK was a movie about the investigation by a district attorney, Jim Garrison, about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. JFK was one of the most controversial films of its time dealing with the decades-long debate about who actually killed President Kennedy. Was it done by the lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald and his magic bullet that pierced through the bodies of the two men creating seven wounds? Or was it the end result of a detailed scheme masterminded by the Mafia involving the U.S. government and military, the Cubans, and all other Kennedy-haters? Jim Garrison was determined to find out the truth of the assassination. He arrested and charged a man named Clay Shaw, who was a New Orleans businessman,…show more content…
He established that this trio worked for the CIA and were recruited into a conspiracy to seize power in Washington. Oliver Stone succeeded in building a plausible conspiracy case against Clay Shaw, which Jim Garrison had failed doing. The original Garrison only attempted to coax, intimidate and hypnotize unable witnesses into providing him with incriminating evidence, the new Garrison, Oliver Stone, fabricated for his film the crucial evidence and witnesses that were missing in real life. Consider, for example, the way he fabricated David Ferrie's dramatic confession to Garrison in a hotel room only hours before he died. In reality, David Ferry had maintained his innocence insisting that he did not know Lee Harvey Oswald, that he was not part of the CIA, and that he had no knowledge of any plot to kill Kennedy. Also, the last known person to speak to Ferrie was George Lardner, Jr. of the Washington Post, who Ferrie met with from midnight to 4 a.m. Several hours later, he died from a cerebral hemorrhage (not from suicide as depicted in the movie). There are many fictional characters Oliver Stone had added to the movie, one of which was a man named Willie O'Keefe. In the movie, Ferrie first introduced him to Shaw, who hired him to participate in elaborate orgies with him and Ferrie. Through this relationship he met Shaw's associates including Oswald, whom he had no problem identifying as
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