Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens

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In Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Dickens frequently explains how “callous and uncaring Victorian society was (Shmoop Editorial Team),” as well as how clothing affects one’s social class. The protagonist of this eventful and heart wrenching story, Oliver Twist, is a naive young man who endures intense abuse and starvation in Victorian England’s workhouses. He keeps his hopes high and has a turn-around from his past life of misery. During this morose experience, Oliver sees the realization of Victorian England, where social classes were most important in society. All of the events that occur have a beginning, and the beginning of Oliver’s adventures is the workhouse.
Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse in the 1830s of England. His mother dies shortly after giving birth to Oliver. Oliver is raised on The Farm until he is nine years old, where it is the “coming of age” to the parish, in other words, Oliver needs to begin working. This becomes interrupted as Oliver causes a hysterical commotion by asking for more dinner. The parish put him “for sale,” offering to give anyone five pounds and Oliver. Soon enough, Oliver becomes an apprentice for a local undertaker. A charity boy causes Oliver to pounce on the charity boy, causing the undertaker and his wife to beat and starve him. Oliver takes the initiative to run away on foot towards London. Oliver meets and gets involved with Fagin and a group of criminals and gets accused of robbing an old gentlemen (named Mr. Brownlow) who does not…
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