Oliver Twist Film Analysis

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The 2005 version of Charles Dickens’, Oliver Twist, is an adaption from the original text that Dickens wrote years ago. The scriptwriters for this film removed parts of the original story and inserted new ways to condense the storyline and to appeal to an audience notably. This adaption connects old and new thoughts, constructing the message and idea they want to portray. The salient features in this novel make the film its own version of the original Oliver Twist along with emphasizing the unlucky series of events Oliver goes through. This film adaption also has events in Dickens’ story that are either foregrounded or dropped out completely. This decision made by the scriptwriters reveals how they want the story to be understood. This…show more content…
He is honestly good and is respectful to everyone he is forced upon. He is grateful through his whole experience that has to be traumatizing to any child of his age. Even to Fagin, who uses him to pickpocket and do his dirty work, Oliver is kind and respectful. Oliver even goes as far to thank Fagin, for being generous to him and allowing him a place to stay. Sadly, Fagin and the other orphans were the closest thing he had ever had to a real family. The gratitude that Oliver shows is the element that is grounded the most from Dickens’ original version. The emphasis of his gratefulness uncovers Oliver’s nature of how he reacts to the terrible events in his life. It also shows, exactly how Dickens wanted this character to be portrayed, leading to one of his main themes in his story. Oliver is shown to be a positive person that can always see what he has to be thankful for. This is a lesson Dickens thought we should consume and apply in our lives. In this version of Oliver Twist, one of the most vital parts to the whole book was dropped out of the film. Oliver’s mother and family where never included in this portrayal, along with the history of his parents’ relationship, his brother, and his inheritance. None of these key inclusions in the story were considered to be important for this adaption of the original text. This exclusion of
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