Oliver V. Nca Rules And Regulation For Everything

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Oliver v. NCAA There are rules and regulation for everything. The DMV requires certain forms of identification for your driver’s license and the IRS requires you to file your income tax in a certain way to avoid penalty. It is no different when we are talking about the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). NCAA has strict regulation on its players and its member schools that must abide by. Although NCAA regulates pretty much everything through its 427-page manual, some rules were difficult if not impossible to enforce. In the case of Oliver v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, the conflict emerges as Andy Oliver questioned NCAA’s power to regulate in the face of court. Let’s first look at the facts of the case. Andy…show more content…
To truly understand this case, we must first understand the bylaw that governs the student athletes. Within the many bylaws established by the NCAA, there are two bylaws in particular that supposed to protect the interest of the student by drawing the line between intercollegiate athletes from profession players. The bylaw of legal counsel in 12.3.2 stated that getting advice from a lawyer of a professional sports contract is not considered as contracting an agent under unless the lawyer also represents that athlete in the negotiations for that same contract. The other by law, stated that a lawyer is considered as an agent if they were present during a contract negotiation. Also, a lawyer may not be present during any discussions of a contract offer with a professional organization or have any direct contact with a professional sports organization on behalf of the student athlete. These two bylaws seem good from their nature. However, good intention does not always mean good results. The fact that Major Lead Baseball, MLB draft players during college season and can also drafted players right out of high school brings the option of either signing the professional contract or going to college for a eighteen year old high school senior. In this kind of situation, what would a high school student do to make one of the most decisions in his career? Who would be there to help? Hiring an
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