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This is Olivia Fatigato from All Music and I am here today to review some songs that are great and some that are not the best. I will be reviewing 2 songs that I liked and 2 songs that I disliked. I rate H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line a 5/5 and If I Die Young by The Band Perry a 5/5 because they are very good songs that should make people happy. I do not like All We Know by the Chainsmokers, I rate it a ⅖ because it is not a great song because it has a weird tone. I rate Springsteen by Eric Church a ⅗ because it is very over played.
I loved the song H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line. Florida Georgia Line is an American country music duo and broke out in 2012. This song is a slower song and it is mezzo forte. The voices were lower, but high for guys and it is a very happy song that when I hear it, it just puts a smile on my face. The melody is very upbeat and happy and is talking about someone who they love which is just
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They have been together since 2014 with their first song. In the song, it was a faster beat with a very upbeat sound. It was mezzo forte because it was a louder song because of the bass. I think that the vocal range was in a weird place that I did not like. I did not enjoy the tone of the singer's voice because it was kind of harsh and it was a weird tone. The voices sounded very auto tuned which makes it not sound pleasant to me. I do not like how they chose the harmonies because I feel that they do not go together. I am also not a fan of Springsteen by Eric Church. He got famous in 2005 when he signed with Capitol Nashville. This song was ok, but I do not like the beat and the tone of his voice. I think that the singer's voice was in a very weird tone that made me feel uneasy. I also think that the rhythm was very weird because the drums and voice didn’t go together. This song was very over played which made me dislike because I heard it too much, and that is why I gave it the rating of a
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