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The Blind and the god My name is Olivia Lancelame, I'm what you can call a NEET, I will be 30 years old soon, my familly left me when my eyesight deteriorated, they wanted me to become a police officer like them, so I was a huge disapointment to them. Day by day my eyesight got worse, all the doctor I went to see told me they didn't know from what I was suffering, today since two years I'm completly blind, when I could still see, I would read novels, play videogames. You may say it was because of that, but my vision deteriorated way earlier than that. Today I wanted to listen to music but when I was searching for the CD I think I slipped on a sock and bumped my head on the floor, and then …. died …. . What can I say, I mean I don't…show more content…
|Hum hum Olivia did you understand what I talking about ?| To say simply, he's handsome, long straight black hair, red eyes, he must be around 1,80 meters tall.
Haaa it's so refreshing to be able to see once again, wait if I died, that mean this guy is God isn't it ? |No sorry, just remember you saying that I died, but just to know, Are you God ?| |I'm not God, I am a god, an evil god to be precise. Evil god of diseases and death : Erolion.| E-E-Evil god, why am I speaking with a evil god, I wasn't an angel when I was alive, but I certainly wasn't bad enough to me the devil. |An evil god and the devil are not the same, the evil god just rule over the dark side of life like jalousy, wrath, diseases and this kind of thing, as the devil refer to the Demon gods, who rule over the demons and are on bad terms with us. As for what you are doing here I was explaining it to you before you started dozing off.| What he can read my thought, scaaaarry. |That's rude.| Ho sorry, so what am I doing here ? |Well to begin with I must apologize, you losing your eyesight is due to one of my
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