Olivia Palermo's Excellent Style Knowledge

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Olivia Palermo is without a doubt one the most stylish celebrities who is known worldwide. She has an assortment edgy and trendy styles which have landed her at the front of various runway shows, such as New York Fashion week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. One aspect of Olivia Palermo is to not overdo it with an outfit. Her fashion choices are impeccably chic and pristine. Her style is worth following. Paris Fashion Week She was quite busy during Paris Fashion week. There were various cocktail parties, fashion shows, and other types of events. Many front-row looks were on display which were dazzling to the eye. The first stop for Olivia Palermo was the runway show for Nina Ricci's Spring 2014. This event was on the 26th of September. She had on a pencil skirt with a pale pink hue and a matching white pea coat and a ruffle top. The editor Anno Dello Rosso was seated next to her. The Christian Dior Show was another stop during Paris Faashionb Week Women's Wear Summer 2014 on September 27 at Musee Rodin. She had on an orange-colored fitted blazer, a skirt with silk detailing and lace, and a bustier that has graphic white prints. Her purple-toed heels added completed the outfit. Another stop on September 27, 2013 was a book launch celebration for Chloe Attitude. The outfit worn to the event was akin to Carrie Bradshaw. It was a romantic two-piece dress that had a tulle skirt with a black top offering a contrasting color. There was

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