Olympe De Gouges's Life And Accomplishments

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Olympe de Gouges was born on May 7, 1748, in France and then died on November 4, 1793, Paris. Olympe de Gouges original name was Marie Gouze, and after she married she changed her name again to Marie Aubry. Gouges was a French Social reformer and writer who disputed many different points of views on many numbers of matters and especially on the roles of women as citizens and of women to be treated as equal to men. Her natural birth parents were Jean-Jacques Le Franc marquis de Pompignan. Gouges had an arranged marriage which she married at the age of 16 and was the mother of a son. Her marriage did not last long because of the death of her husband. After the death of her husband, she decided to change her name to Olympe de Gouges and in which she vowed to never marry another man. She also became actively in…show more content…
The revolution of women rights politicized millions of French men by transforming their statues from subjects to citizens, but revolutionaries of all political stripes displayed an extreme reluctance to incorporate women into the political body. She also wrote Pamphlets and plays that described a variety of issues, like slavery and in which she attacked as being founded on greed and blinded of the biases that surrounded her. In one of her most famous pamphlets, she describes the declaration of the women’s rights to the parallel of the one for men thus, criticizes the deputies for haven forgotten women. She also pointed out the pamphlet to the Queen, Marie Antoinette, though she also warned the Queen that she has to work with the Revolution or risk destroying the monarchy. In the postscript, she denounced the customary treatment of women as objects are easily abandoned and in which women should be treated equally because they are both people. Gouges appended to the declaration as a sample of a form of the marriage contract that called for communal sharing of

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