Olympic Park Research Paper

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The Olympic Park was the site of the largest dam removal in United States History. The Olympic Park is a park on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and has quite a history but is not a stranger to invasive species and logging. 12,000 years ago, natives inhabited the olympic park site. The natives chose this site as a prime spot for hunting because a huge elephant-like creature was found near a lake in the area. In 1890, a lieutenant by the name of Joseph P. O’Neil deemed the interior of the park “useless for all practicable uses”. This shows that, in the past, they didn't have much of an interest in protecting the land. In 1938 Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed a bill officially making it a national park. Theodore roosevelt made Mount Olympus a national monument in 1906, this act protected native wildlife in the area.…show more content…
The park has been threatened by logging as well as non-native species. The NPS has gone to large lengths to keep this park protected, pushing for further legislation for protection to goto a federal authority. Making this a priority has had many payoffs and has been a big factor on the result that the park is in today. This park has suffered from budget cuts and actively tries to raise awareness and increase public interest. The NPS is partnering with other organizations to provide better service such as transit and educational opportunities to visitors. Making these promises has make their approval rating go up. The NPS also has one of the highest approval ratings of all government agencies. The Olympic Park, Although being constantly threatened, continues to be open and on a positive visitor trend since 2012. The NPS has done fantastic work keeping the Olympic Park open to the public 24 hours a day. From the lengths they go to they definitely deserve approval they have and continue to make changes for the better, making that rating grow
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