Olympics And The Cold War

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Julia Zucker
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13 May 2015
1980 Olympics and the Cold War The 1980 Olympics became a predominant point of contention in the on-going Cold War between the two superpowers; the United States and the Soviet Union. Jimmy Carter, the President of the United States, and Leonid Brezhev, head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union were at odds and combative towards each other’s political demands. Both leaders were relentless in their pursuit of internal strategic bureaucratic goals and uninterested in compromising or negotiating in earnest. It is a common occurrence that interference by governments and international sporting events are highly correlated. When the world is watching, politicians will exhibit their propaganda to maximize their current position to a large audience and this casts a large shadow over the Olympic games in 1980.

It is inevitable that International sporting events and the political interests of competing governments will collide. If a country enjoys athletic success in international sporting arenas, it enhances a nation’s pride at home, as well as its prestige abroad. In addition, sports can contribute towards a profitable economic boost if their country is successful. This was never more pronounced then what happened during the 1980 Winter Olympics. Heading into Lake Placid, New York, there was tremendous tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. As the Winter Olympic games began, there was limited fan…

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