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DOI: 6/24/2016. Patient is a 46-year-old male operator who sustained injury while he was operating a crane when it stopped suddenly, jerking his back. Per OMNI, he was initially diagnosed with low back sprain/strain.
Based on the latest medical report dated 06/29/16, the patient continues to complain of low back pain, increased with prolonged standing and sitting. He had been receiving PT for his back prior to the injury, due to a herniated disc and has been progressing. He has been taking naproxen with some relief.
On examination, there is tenderness on palpation of the lumbosacral area. There is lumbosacral spine pain elicited by motion. Lumbosacral spine motion was normal with mild pain. Sensation to light touch is decreased over the dorsal aspect of the left great toe. Assessments are lumbar sprain and left L4-5 herniated disc. Patient was provided a script to continue with PT.
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Is the request for 18 Physical Therapy Visits for the Back between 7/7/2016 and 9/5/2016 medically necessary?
MG-2 for a Request for Approval of
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