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What do Steinbeck’s first description of George and Lennie tell us about their characters? Discuss this in the regards to the role/relationship of Itinerant workers in the 1930’s Great Depression: In the 1930’s itinerant workers were migrant workers who travelled from land to land to find jobs, any occupation available to allow them to fend for themselves and survive in the disastrous world, they were living in at the time. We know George and Lennie are migrant workers due to the period of time the novella is based on. It was a catastrophic world as it was when The Great Depression occurred, unemployment and recession increased vigorously. Bearing this in mind, the way in which Steinbeck’s first description of George and Lennie, at the…show more content…
George says, “You 'd drink out of a gutter if you was thirsty." Here we have the duplicate of a man who is not intelligent enough to check if the water is fresh and eligible to drink, but who also drinks in a very animal-like fashion. Lennie 's mental delay comes across clearly, as he is presented as to be dehumanised in all situations when his actions are compared to those of ones of an animal. Good discussion about G& L Aqsa, However you need to include much more evidence when you are explaining key scenes-you must make sure you back them up or your great interpretation will be invalid! The ending here needs to be tied up in relation to The great depression and role of itinerant workers in more detail. Talk about the desoeration, the need for this to work-how does George epitomise these struggles/sense of urgency?
Choose on theme presented in OMAM and discuss its significance and development throughout the novella
The theme I shall be discussing (do not need this-introduce it in a more sophisticated way! is light and the significance and development of it throughout the novella. The use of light is used in various sections of the novella and is first symbolic when we are introduced to Curley’s Wife,” the rectangle of sunshine/was cut off”. Some readers may interpret from this that Curley’s Wife wants to be the centre of attention so she “cuts” off the only light source presented in the passage. Others may understand from
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