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Abstract This paper presents a case study regarding Omega Inc., which has a contract sales force for its products. The contractors are employed by independently operated franchised dealers and do not work directly for Omega. Recently, Omega provided a training program for the sales force designed to improve sales performance and the franchisees instituted a performance management system to measure goal accomplishment. There are six primary steps in a performance management system and this paper will review five of the six steps as each relates to the subsequent step.

Prerequisites to Planning The lack of success at Omega, Inc. rested in the hands of an incompetent sales staff who were not informed of the company’s mission
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Omega agreed to partially fund and support initial training. Typically, this proves to be a major challenge for a company as often times when a new program is implemented, it is communicated companywide and there stands the chance of mis-interpretation or mis-connection of the intent. If there is a lack of clarity regarding where the organization must go, or the relationship between the organization’s mission and strategies and the unit’s mission and strategies is ambiguous, then there will be a lack of precision regarding what each employee must achieve in order to help the organization succeed. From a job analysis, we obtain information regarding the tasks to be carried out and the knowledge, skills and abilities required of a particular job (Aguinis, 2007). In the case of the sales representatives of Omega, their skill level and knowledge varied, many of them extended little effort beyond taking orders and they were not motivated to make additional sales. Knowledge includes having the information needed to perform the work, but not necessarily having done it. Skills refer to required attributes that are usually acquired by having performed the work in the past. Ability refers to having the physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological aptitude to perform the work, but neither having done it nor having be trained to do the work is required ( Clifford, 1994). Omega can

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