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Marketing Management-MKT 4210
Omega Paw Case
February 10, 2011

Executive Summary Omega Paw is a corporation, which the owner/inventor, Michael Ebert, sells the “Self Cleaning Litter Box.” Michael aspires to reach goals of future sales of $1.7 million by December 1996, $3 million by December 1997, and $5.7 million by December 1998. With the cat population continuously rising as well as his product being the first to be introduced in the United States, these goals are not farfetched. The criteria that were taken into consideration are the number of grocery stores, the product in the consumer’s mind, the costs required, break even analysis in units and dollars, the cat population, and the capacity that Omega’s manufacture can
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This segment usually does all of their own research, want good quality, long lasting products and usually purchase items at local pet stores or at the veterinarians office. 80% of the total cat owner markets are the owners that have owned their cat for some time and are well stocked with the maintenance supplies. They typically purchase their products at a variety of locations such as pet stores, the veterinarian’s office, household supply stores, and grocery stores. The remaining 15% are known as the gray zone where in which they have many pets and a variety of them, such as cats and dogs, which are free to roam outside. This segment is not typically concerned with purchasing specific products other than cat food. This product is positioned in the minds of consumers, as a part of being a cat owner, the most unpleasant chore one would have to do, so having this type of product available may be of some importance to them.

Competitor Profile Omega Paw has three direct competitors, “Everclean Self Scoop Litter Box”, “Quick Sand”, and “Lift and Sift”, as well as two indirect competitors, one being the traditional litter box and the other being “Litter Maid”. “Everclean Self Scoop Litter Box” retails between $53 and $63 and First Brands Corporation, the manufacturer of this litter box, spent a lot of money on advertising to pet stores

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