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Animal Animosity Often times, we reach desperate measures in order to fulfill a necessity. Accordingly, it may or may not be classified as evilness. Either way, desperate times cause for desperate measures. In order to find life-savers, such as cures and treatments, scientists construct experiments using animal testing. Considering the fact that human beings and animals are similar, I do not debunk the idea of using animals in scientific labs. Due to the fact that human beings have amendments that animals do not, animal testing is sufficiently instrumental, because of the their similar living systems, because they do not have the rights and moral judgments that human beings do, and because animal usage incidentally goes on with or…show more content…
Nevertheless, according to Burnett animals are given “toy rotation programs” which provides opportunities for play and personal time with their caretakers. For more reliable results and the animals’ sake, animal researchers are prone to treating the animals humanely and with care. One should only be more considerate and value human lives over animal lives, and respect the idea of scientific usage of animal experiments. Considering the fact that animals are also used in survival necessity, such as eating, others should only understand that it is understandable to use animals in scientific labs. __ records that “people in the United States alone eat 9 billion chickens and 150 million cattle, pigs and sheep annually, yet scientist only use around 26 million animals for research, which 95% are rodents.” (115) Though it as a necessity for both cures and treatments, and to eat, some human beings do not see the accuracy in scientific laboratories using animals, but are particularly fine with animals being distributed for eating. It is not appropriate to choose one way of living over another. If one is okay with the production and distribution of animals in edible form, one should not put forth and argument in the idea of animal researching. In conclusion, dependence on animals to test in scientific experiments is both traditionally and

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