Omelet You Have To Break An Egg Analysis

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Many things today come from the life that lived long before the people that live now. Things like culture, religion, traditions, inventions, and even more. A long list of things aroused from beliefs, such as the famous and long-lived proverbs from different cultures. The proverb that will be discussed throughout this paper comes from Spain and it states: “After all, to make a beautiful omelet you have to break an egg”. This quote fits in today’s world because in order to succeed, or make an omelet, risks will be taken, like breaking the egg. It is seen as a theme in successful people’s lives and throughout literature, even in current events. This proverb can symbolize many lives and events, including Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, The Truth About…show more content…
The author of The Truth About Forever writes an example of an unsuccessful relationship with risks Macy took before later succeeding in another relationship. “Regardless of the language, it was most likely I was out, all for saying I love you” (Desson 58). Macy had put her first relationship at risk by saying “I love you”. This is a risk she had to take in order to succeed in her future relationships. It is as though Macy is teaching herself a lesson. Macy later experiences more risks that slowly resulted in ending the relationship she was in, which will help her succeed in later relationships because she now knows what not to do. “A break. I knew what that meant: it was what happened right before something was officially and finally broken” (Dessen). The main character will be successful in the relationships she gets involved in later because the risks she took allowed her to understand what not to do. Also, Macy knows now how a relationship works. Macy develops a relationship with someone new, so before Macy’s new relationship can be successful, she first risked not seeing him again because she hung out with him when her mom told her not to. “I outlined my restrictive curfew and the very possibility that I might not see him again, ever” (Dessen 307). She risked not seeing Wes, her new boyfriend, again because she got in trouble with her mom. This risk will only help her be successful because she experienced disobeying her mother and knows her boundaries and the consequences if she does. Sometimes a successful relationship will not happen without taking risks, just like Macy experienced before settling down with a good guy to finally do things
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