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Introduction With the arrival of new marketing and advertising techniques Omni Recording and Marketing Services (ORMS) plans to deliver an effective mobile campaign to make a successful customer following. We have identified a campaign analyzing the potential benefits and using the best-implemented approach. Our first operation will analyze as many possible techniques, the outcomes, their developments and any program weak points we may meet after it is developed. The key to any effective campaign will be the allocation of funds while entering the mobile space. Also elaborating on how our proposed mobile marketing campaign would fit into the overall marketing strategy. “Mobile advertising only constitutes “around 1% of global advertising…show more content…
Goals and Benefits “A survey of 500 cell phone users from a public relations firm Ranier Pr found that 74 percent of respondents said they were interested in receiving short-range messages via such technology as SMS, MMS and Bluetooth (Mathieson, 2005, p. 189).” Therefore, Omni has research the best methods to meet their goals for the marketing campaign and the cost involved, which should not exceed a $150,000 dollar first investment. Our goal is to use an angle investors equity capital and distribute it across multiple campaign channels including SEO Optimization, Pay per click, Promotion Pr and Digital Advertising and lastly mobile. Expanding global customers in Japan and the UK up to 5000 and transposing those customers into sales up to 25% of the initial investment plus a 15% profit on all start-up capital (Strategic, 2009). Since marketing to existing customers with any organization can be costly and many customer interests keep changing it makes positive results from the campaign difficult to produce. The benefits of our successful mobile campaign in the current entertainment environment allow a strategic business model to name the best products and services to our marketing demographic. I will detail some (ORMS) top benefits of utilizing Mobile Marketing to promote our business: Immediacy - Mobile campaigns are easy to create, Affordability, Distribution is easy to reach people all across the globe. “The Response Rate effectively
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