Omnichannel Research Paper

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What’s omnichannel mean, exactly? And what does it have to do with the best pizza outside of Naples? And where does lively writing fit into all this?

Andris Lagsdin has a small company outside of Boston called Baking Steel that manufacturers and sells ultra-conductive metal baking sheets.

Its flagship product is its namesake Baking Steel, a heavy, quarter-inch honed hunk of steel.

It doesn’t look like much—it looks like an ordinary piece of metal. But it gives you the best pizza crust outside of Naples. (Ze. Best.)

Last spring, Andris ran a contest promoting a new, lighter product called the Mini Griddle. He invited subscribers to comment on his blog post with a recipe idea: What would you make with a Mini Griddle? The best entry would
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It’s more broadly the brand experience that a customer has with you across various platforms and channels, at every step of the way. It integrates technology, data, content, and communication across an organization in an effort to deliver a seamless experience to the customer or prospects.

In other words: What your customer experiences over here also matches what they experience over there.

When all those touch points are aligned, as in Baking Steel’s case, it’s a powerful thing. And when they aren’t, your customers and prospects end up feeling uneasy, and disappointed at the mismatch. Haven’t we all had the experience of an amazing brand with a disappointing UX or rude customer service person?

So what did Baking Steel do well to create an aligned omnichannel experience, that turned me into a rabid fan?

1. Physical squared perfectly with digital.

My experience at the Baking Steel class was everything I expected it would be—from the minute I arrived at the test kitchen until the minute I drove away, with my leftover pizza buckled into the seat beside me.

Andris was over-the-top fun and crazy-passionate. In the test kitchen, he cracked a beer, cracked jokes, and acted as part cook, part scientist—explaining and sharing the tiniest elements of creating a perfect home
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