Omnipotence Of Religion

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In the bible it says that God made heaven and earth which include stones and rocks. God is the omnipotent one so then he must be able to lift a rock, therefore if God is unable to lift a rock then that signifies that he is not omnipotent. Either way it shows that God cannot be the most powerful if he is not able to lift a rock. It wouldn’t make sense for God to make a rock that he himself cannot lift, it doesn’t make sense because it would be a contradiction. His omnipotence is not something independent of God’s nature. It is part of his nature. God has a nature and his attributes operate within that nature, as does anything and everything else. God cannot do something that is a violation of his own existence and nature. Therefore, he cannot make a rock so big he can't pick up, or make something bigger than himself. But, not being able to do this does not mean he is not God, nor that he is not omnipotent. Omnipotence is not the ability to do anything conceivable, but the ability to do anything consistent with his nature that he possess.…show more content…
According to Aquina if God exist then he isa being that can lift all stones. If God should create such a stone then that would be impossible. God would be compromising his divine omnipotence. Another way I look at this if God found that a rock was too heavy don’t you think that because he is so powerful he would make lift that rock without physically touching the rock. The bible teaches that God is able to do evertything
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