Omnivore's Dilemm The Future Of Organic Farming

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An arising food category in America is anything organic. Over the years, several local grocery stores organic section is rapidly increasing. Michael Pollan, who wrote Omnivore's Dilemma, is a New York Times bestselling author. Pollan stated, “Forty years ago there was no such category as ‘organic’ food. Today it is a $20-billion business- the fastest growing part of the food industry.” (112) With organic farming becoming more common, there are many changes being made that are resulting in significant outcomes. One of the substantial changes while using organic farming is the improved treatment and health of animals. Further knowledge and awareness of the importance on how organic farming is better for the lives of animals, as well as our health is needed. Gaining more education on animals lives with organic farming, will potentially lead organic food becoming the most popular because of its remarkable outcomes.
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She stated that the management of organic livestock is based on five freedoms,
“1) Freedom from malnutrition; 2) Freedom from thermal and physical discomfort; 3) Freedom from injury and disease; 4) Freedom from fear and distress; and, 5) Freedom from unnecessary restrictions of behaviour” (Gill). Industrial farmers do not care for their animals like organic farmers do. Most industrial farmers only farm for the profits in selling their products. Animal welfare is one of the most important objectives of the organic farmer (Gill).
The sooner the world realizes that organic farming has many for effects on a variety of different categories other than just how the foods are simply healthier for us, the easier organic farms will become the more common form of farming. Overall, organic farms have an extraordinary amount of benefits for many animals total health and treatment. They can easily be classified as a higher quality farming than industrial
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