On 03/11/2017 At Approximately 1730 Hours, I Observed Deselm,

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On 03/11/2017 at approximately 1730 hours, I observed Deselm, Katie DOB 09/20/1985 while patrolling in the area of Up Town Plaza trailer park located at 18396 Hwy 145. By my request, Cortez dispatch checked NCIC and confirmed Deselm, Katie had a failure to comply warrant for her arrest in reference to Montezuma County District Court Docket # D0422016CR000299.

I called out “Katie” and she replied, “hey”. She was walking towards the river and as I walked towards her, she changed her direction of travel and walked away from my area and behind a cluster of small trees and bushes. I walked towards her direction and because of the landscape, she was only allowed to walk towards me. I contacted her and asked her if she was aware that she had a
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Deselm, Katie stated she did not have anything on her. I again told Deselm, Katie that she needed to tell me now prior to arriving into the facility. Deselm, Katie stated she did not and I instructed her to put her shoes back on and to keep the seat belt buckled.

While traveling to the Montezuma County Detention Facility, I observed Deselm, Katie to raise her back away from the seat. I instructed her to sit and keep herself in proper position. Upon arrival to the detention facility at approximately 1804 hours, while inside the intake bay of the detention facility, I opened the back door and observed Deselm, Katie’s shoes to again be off her feet. I instructed her to put her shoes on while she was outside of my vehicle and standing up. Deselm, Katie became upset with being incarcerated and would not put her shoes on. I took Deselm, Katie into the intake room while I scooted her shoes into the room and again instructed her to put her shoes on in which she did.

During the booking process which is inside the main entrance for all inmates, Montezuma County Sheriff Detention Deputy Summers completed an intake search of Deselm, Katie and informed us that she found cellophane underneath the insert of Deselm, Katie’s left shoe.

After taking digital photographs, I took the cellophane and observed a white crystalline substance inside. While at the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office, I tested the substance with a NIK

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