On Achieving More Health by Proper Nutrition and Exercise

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One of my biggest obstacles when doing this project was being comfortable with myself at the gym.. Being able to find a gym that I felt comfortable working out in was a miracle to me and I am glad San Luis offers an all womens gym to make women feel better about themselves.Getting this membership made me want to put in the time at the gym and make a change. Another obstacle was not seeing progress right away which would put me down. I learned that you won't see progress right away and this is a long journey I have ahead of me that I will suceed in. I used many resources to help me along the way such as fitnesspal, fitness experets and postive friends by myside.Using fitnesspal helped me stay on track with my food and excersise. It helped me record m y progress and helped me not go off track. I used fitness experets such as m y cousin who teaches PE, to help get workouts and tips from her. She helped me target the body parts I wanted to tone and help me find a routine that would suit me and my life. I also used my friends who would go and be active with me. Weither it was going to the gym or on a hike they would go with me to encouage me and for support.They also helped me by keeping junk food out of the house since this was a key way to make myself feel better and help me be motivated at the gym.. I also used a heart rate monitor that I have had but only would use for a week at a time. I was able to sucessfully use the heart rate monitor for the full four weeks and
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