On April 29Th, Marking The First 100 Days Of The Trump

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On April 29th, marking the first 100 days of the Trump administration, throngs will assemble in Washington, D.C. for the People 's Climate Mobilization, a march to support action against climate change. Organizers say the number of participants could rival that of a similar 2014 event in New York City which drew 400,000 people. Activists in Massachusetts have already chartered dozens of buses to take demonstrators to D.C.

I decided to join the march without a moment’s hesitation. Despite the prospect of two consecutive nights on a bus, perhaps better tolerated by a millennial than by a 60-year-old like myself, I instantly grasped that the extraordinary times in which we live demanded my involvement. And with that decision, I saw, in
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It’s deceitful to characterize the basic facts of climate change as debatable or unsettled. Year after year, humans extract billions of tons of carbon from the bowels of the earth and blast it into the atmosphere. We need to stop indulging the questioning of humanity’s culpability.

I’m marching because the use of coal to generate electricity is environmentally and economically absurd. We have cheaper means that do far less harm.

I 'm marching because it 's a scientific fact that carbon dioxide, produced in excess by the use of fossil fuels, is a greenhouse gas and the EPA must regulate it. (And wouldn’t it be great if all the justices on the Supreme Court understood that?)

I’m marching because I reject the idea that spending money on climate research is a “waste of money.”

I’m marching to embrace the idea that we can phase-out our use of fossil fuels. We no longer rely on burning dung, or wood, or whale oil. We can see the end of coal on the horizon. The next step in this historical progression is the elimination of all carbon-based fuels.

I’m marching because we have to stop permitting fossil-fuel infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline. These move us in the wrong direction.

I’m marching because the role of the United States in reversing climate change is crucial. Our nation is the second ranking emitter of greenhouse gases. If we walk away from the commitments we made at the 2015 Paris

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