On Aristotle's Friendship and Social Network

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A. INTRODUCTION Technology is changing the world in a fast pace. This is evident most especially in social networks. Due to the widespread and growing use of these new social media, especially social networking sites such as Facebook, researchers began to study its ethical implications. Social networking services or social networking sites are widespread in all parts of the world. It serves as means of communication and is considered as the most convenient and easiest way of communication. It is convenient in a way that it is better than other means of communication such as telephone. In social networking sites, there is a video call and the one being called and the one calling can see each other. It is easy by the fact
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There can still be other questions that can help the researcher arrive at the right answer to the main problem. However, the researcher will give more emphasis on the above-mentioned questions. As the research progresses, the researcher will post substantial questions that can be beneficial to answer the main problem.

The researcher will answer the said questions in the light of theoretical and practical reason. The researcher will conduct simply survey to be able to arrive at the proper conclusion. C. SCOPE AND LIMITATION The study focuses on Aristotelian ethical principles applied to Facebook. These ethical principles are mainly about Aristotle’s concept of friendship. The researcher includes the discussion of virtue and other ethical principles governing friendship as support to the said topic. There are several ethical principles that can be applied to Facebook such as Confucian ethics and Heideggerian concept of technology but the researcher prefers Aristotelian ethical principles for the said topic.

The study will tackle Aristotle’s concept of friendship with the inclusion of virtue and other ethical principle substantial on the discussion of friendship. The study will be limited to Facebook particularly the online friendship it offers. This Aristotelian concept and other ethical principles supporting it will be used in order to explain how the online friendship offered by
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