On August 28Th, 2013, President Obama Commemorated The

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On August 28th, 2013, President Obama commemorated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Lead by civil rights activists Martin Luther King Jr., it was a movement that demanded equality for the Black community in the United States. Its consequence was the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Acts by President Lyndon B. Johnson that granted King’s and his supporters’ demands. A liberal of his time, President Johnson went even further by implementing affirmative action policies in an effort for minorities to achieve the ‘American Dream.’ However, statistics have begged Americans to reconsider their firm beliefs that this dream is a reality for many. Extensive research, along with analysis of the renowned Ain’t No Makin’ It by…show more content…
This Dream, as you probably now grasp, is in fact quite the attraction for people who are escaping economic, social, and political plights from their country. Now, with an accurate understanding of what the American Dream is, one must really question the validity of an idea that appears to be too virtuous and unrealistic. Brookings.edu, a website that specializes and targets the social aspects of political situations, such as the effects of the Syrian Civil War, notes the disparaging decrease of wealth for Blacks in the United States in 2013. Its surveys and investigations have unsettling results; social mobility for Blacks is much lower than for Whites. They’re more likely to remain in poverty than their fellow White Americans, with exact figures stating, “More than half of black adults raised at the bottom of the income scale remain stuck there as adults, compared to a third of whites.” Sociologist Raj Chetty discovered that a predominant reason for the lack of Black social mobility is the unrelenting discrimination in society (The Other American Dream: Social, Mobility, and Race Opportunity). The labor market specifically is prone to these racist attacks. Employers are more likely to hire a White employee of the same background of a Black person. Jobs that ask for an applicant’s incarceration history tend to directly affect Blacks more because of their higher imprisonment

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