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This I Believe (Rough Draft) Sean Maina November 1, 2015 Let’s say that you’re buying a Honda CRV for your family. You like the design, the color choice, and the texture. But the salesman tells you, “You’ll definitely need the remote startup. It can start the engine from 400 feet away!” Its only $399 more and you’ve already bought a car worth $23,445. That seems so insignificant to most people. But I’m not done yet. Let’s fast forward a few weeks. You’re out buying an Xbox One Halo bundle. Sound’s quite pricey. With the Xbox you can watch movies, play games(even with your friends), listen to music, use your favorite apps. There’s so much to it! On Best Buy , its around $349.00. You get it, and you’re satisfied. But wait, remember the car? You just paid $399 for a remote that starts a car, and roughly the same price for a console with such high computer graphics and computer processing? Nope. Either you’re really rich, or your being fooled in the economy, and I’m sure we can all agree that most of us aren’t rich. In the book Predictably Irrational Dan Ariely talks about how humans are manipulated and influenced in modern society. In one of the chapters, patients who complained of head aches were given prescriptions. Some of them were told…show more content…
I see how irrational I am. I do so many countless things that are really just taking up so much of my time and resources. Like getting up and taking the time to change the alarm on your phone to 5 minutes later, even when you know your still going to wake up feeling the exact same. I know we are all guilty of it. I believe that we should use our intuition wisely, and not just act on what we are told. A great quote about irrationality, life, and how we act is “Who can explain life? Who can understand it? Like cats, we just do what we do.” I believe that if we just open our eyes and look at things and how legitimate they really are, we would act irrationally, but
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