On Chesil Beach Deception Analysis

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Deception is the act of deceiving; it takes the shape of an underlying theme in each of the texts. It is a common occurrence in literature such as Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘On Chesil beach’ but in almost every incident, the degree of deception is different. Deception is performed by all characters to different extents and purposes, depending on the context of the situation. Othello displays deception between colleagues, whereby Iago uses deceit to cause carnage in the lives of his associates. Tennessee Williams illustrates deception within a family in his play A Streetcar Named Desire, as the main protagonist Blanche, lies to her own family about her sinful past. Finally, Deception is conveyed in Ian McEwan’s…show more content…
All three texts present Deception as a destructive force, however the way in which it is portrayed differs. Streetcar and Chesil Beach display a form of deception that is more justifiable through Blanche and Florence, whilst Othello demonstrates a more severe deception through Iago, a mastermind in manipulation. The severity of Blanche and Florence’s deception is less than Iago’s due to their good intent; both are using deception not for their own personal gain but only for the benefit of others. Iago is the main protagonist of Deception in Othello. The structure of Othello’s plot is largely based on his self-centred plan to seek revenge. The opening scene of the play immediately submerges the audience in deception through Iago’s speech. In conversation with Roderigo, Iago vows that he follows his lord Othello, not out of service, but to seek revenge. He declares ‘I follow him to serve my turn upon him’. Stated quite openly at the start of the play it sets the stage for the unfolding of deception and deceit. Further in the play, Iago openly admits he is a sinner and goes as far as comparing his actions to those of ‘The devil’: ‘Divinity of hell! When devils will the blackest sins put

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