On Course Journal Entry 3

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Tawanda Jackson Success Strategies June, 24 2014 Journal Entry 3 Part 1. One thing I enjoyed learning most was the true cultures of African Americans. Including insight on African Spirituality, the values of Melanin, and the miseducation of blacks in America. Part 2. A. How did you gather information or skills needed to learn this? In the beginning, I went to the library and gathered as many books as I could on African Americans and the culture of Africa. Some book titles I read included; The Miseducation of the Negro by. Carter G. Woodson, Nigger by. Dick Gregory, The Memoir of Dick Gregory by. Dick Gregory, Slavery by Another Name by. Douglas A. Blackmon, The Autobiography of Malcolm X by. Alex Haley, and Stolen Legacy…show more content…
I will use this knowledge to maximize my learning in college by taking great pride in my work. When I stepped on the campus of Eastern Florida College to enroll I knew I was ready and by any means necessary I will stay motivated. I wish to understand everything that is being taught to me. I am a very active learner so a lot is already hitting home. I now when things do decide to get tough I will seek greater explanation of the topic. I was informed there are tutors. There are plenty of methods I can take to absorb information. My most dominant styles of learning are logical learning; I prefer using logic, reasoning, and systems. And Solitary(intrapersonal) self-study learning. I also like sound such as aural learning sometimes to remember certain things. These are styles I use when I am working on school lessons. There are other styles I prefer when it comes to labor or something else. I enjoy writing things down a lot. I see theirs is a lot of work in college. I’m not sure if it’s due to the classes being 8 weeks or if it’s always like this, but it seems it can get a little intense if you’re not organized or focused. I have a schedule around my lesson and I still find the time to get all of my work done with no distractions. So, honestly when it comes to learning I think it depends on the individual and how bad they want their education. I know what I am her for, I am willing to take every calculated step in

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