On Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies L'Oreal Cosmetics Industry in China Inspiration

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On cross-cultural marketing strategies L'Oreal cosmetics industry in China Inspiration Posted:2011-3-17 11:06:00 views:16190 Author:*** [pic][pic]
[Paper Keywords] Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategy Implications L'Oreal
[Abstract] This paper mainly uses the example of the method, outlining the international situation and domestic cosmetics industry, L'Oreal, through the analysis of cross-cultural Marketing strategies, discover the L'Oreal Group on Dunning's eclectic theory of international production use at this stage will extend the company's globalization strategy as detailed cross-cultural strategy aimed to the development of China's cosmetics industry has made three
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Shown in Figure 3 share of the top ten brands of cosmetics are: Maybelline Yue-Sai, Oil of Olay, Avon, L'Oreal, the high wire, Tai Po, Amway, a small nurse, Shiseido. Which the United States ranked first Pauline, the second of the Yue-Sai, L'Oreal fifth, ninth little nurse, both brands are L'Oreal Group. and the skin care market is similar to imported cosmetics market is also a joint venture brands dominate.

(B) of the cosmetics market trends
2009 total sales of China's cosmetics market is still up to 800 billion yuan. This historic breakthrough means that China's cosmetics market has reached a critical point of rapid market expansion, coming more intense market competition will also pull consumer demand, the next few years the market will jump to show distinctive features. is expected to jump to the market mainly from the following four areas:
First, consumer demand and continued diversification of the deepening of subdivision, making the sales of mainstream products in the market has further room for expansion, the formation of a new space for development of the market;
Second, competition,
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