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On-demand Personal Engaging Networked… O.P.E.N. branding a powerful marketing framework that connects a brand’s purpose with its customer’s passions, allowing brands to create moments that matter (Resource, n.d.). Traditional marketing is closed off from consumer engagement. Consumers are tired of being told what to, how to act, and what to try. And if the consumers don’t like it brands control their voices as well as mute the opinions. Old marketing techniques owned all the control from the message down to the consumer, feedback happened only when it was available; the relationship between the consumer and marketer was like a robot. Open branding is making marketers rethink the way they have previously connecting to the consumer. Now…show more content…
Chevy in turn let it all happen while sitting back and watching what consumers of all types had to say. It like in PR and Advertising the media strongly controls everything.
Negative Aspects: The idea was not completely thought through on how to enter into open branding waters and stay afloat. In the Chevy ads consumers were slamming the company with what others already talk about-- bad gas mileage, oversized bulky SUV, and lack of eye catching interior. Chevy’s intent was not for full out crazy entries to spread unto social media and become a full out circus but for loyal brand and evangelistic Tahoe owners to engage. To engage in media is not something that happens overnight it has to be thought out. At first it doesn’t take off try again... Being open is a process and the future of marketing.
c. Given the negative postings, what action would you have recommended for Chevrolet and why?
My recommendation would be to keep going, once you are in the race you can’t stop running. Chevy had already opened the gate to engaging with their consumers and could not turn back now. If they had went on the site and took down those displeasing ads it would have looked like they were trying to hide something, pretentious, and just like every other big name nontransparent corporation. What could’ve been done was to change the tone of the campaign is address to bad
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