On Dumpster Diving

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Jimmy smith
Eng 121
on dumpster diving Imagine living on the street. Wow that would be pretty hard and not very pleasant either. Many people won’t even know what to do. Most of them will be depressed and will give up on life. Lars Eighner who lived on the streets is totally different from other people who live on the street. Many of those people are dumb, strange, and always yell at other for no reasons. Society looks at these kids of people and think that they are not going to make it anywhere in life. Well appearance can be deceiving. Lars Eighner survived living on the streets because his characteristic was different from others. He was smart, moral, and a proud person who made his way through tough times. Lars
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One thing for sure he was pretty proud man of his identity and who clearly stated to the world that he went dumpster
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