On February 28, 1994, The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention

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On February 28, 1994, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act effective - an Act to require a background check of the firearms dealers before they could purchase. This Act was named after James Brady when he had been shot during an attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, he became disabled from this gunshot wound and had caused his death in 33 years later. The purpose of this Act is to prevent dangerous people from buying a gun. Today, the United States is the leader in most guns per-capita (“for each person”) of the all countries, which could be considered an unsafe situation. Loosen gun laws can cause a variety of issues, one of the biggest issues is directly correlated with crime and murder. Moreover, it can still cause…show more content…
As a parent, would you want your child to study in a safer environment? Any types of gun violence are possible, as an illustration, noted in the article “U.C.L.A. Gunman May Have Targeted 2nd Professor and Killed Woman” by Ian Lovett, Richard-Peña Pérez and Jack Healy from The New York Times, “ [According to the Los Angeles Police Department] he [the shooter] took two semiautomatic pistols with him to U.C.L.A. - both legally purchased in Minnesota, officials said - along with multiple magazines, but fired just three shots from one weapon” (Lovett, Pérez, and Healy). Legitimate owner purchase their firearm when they had met the federal regulations, but no one can predict the accidental events from happening. One day, the purchaser may become mentally disordered and uses his legally purchased firearm to create crime, which it could be a possibility of occurring in the above example. There are still many other possibilities that could lead to an accident. Freedom of carrying guns can cause impact to the society, influence the future and the future creator of the motherland.

Equally important, those who cannot legally buy guns, they will steal, which make the legal gun owners seem to be the helper of produce crime and obtaining guns from other illegal channel. Gun control laws can prevent the

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